We are currently accepting donations of any amounts (please see the donate button below – PayPal verified). We are also accepting donations of canned/sealed food, clothes, games, electronics, and/or furniture. Everything helps to provide a higher quality of life for our clients.

These donations help the company complete its current projects (i.e. educational activities, additional housing, group outings/picnics, etc…) of providing more opportunities and a better quality of life for our clients quicker than originally planned.

Donations will also help us provide new services (create continuity of service with our neighboring mental health institutions, job assistance/job placement, GED preparedness services, etc…) that will assist our clients in becoming more independent in their personal lives as well as more involved in the community.

The goal is to always increase the value of our services to provide our clients with a better and more interactive program that renders results instead of just going through the motions.