Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery

November 2015 was the company’s first Thanksgiving dinner at one of our homes. Its clients and employees contributed their cooking skills to make a phenomenal meal consisting of turkey, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, and green bean casserole. We ate and watched the football game.  It was a great day.

December 2015 was the company’s first Christmas dinner at one of our homes. We were glad to be able to provide this meal for the clients that couldn’t be with their families for the holidays. We made ham, pizza mac & cheese (yum), yams and marshmallows, stuffing, and rolls followed up with berry/apple pie with whipped cream. We also labeled gifts under the tree with numbers and had the clients pick a number from a container. Glad to say everyone was happy with their Christmas gifts!

June 2016 trip to Floyd Lamb Park with staff and some of our clients. Mike, one of the two co-founders, playing chess with the clients.  Everyone had a great time.

July 2016 trip to Red Rock Canyon with staff and some of the clients.  We even met a few of our friends while there.  Tayler, one of our amazing staff, played games with the clients. She made sure everyone had fun.

August 2016 trip to Mt. Charleston was great even though the rain cut it short. We rented a 15 passenger van and along with 2 additional cars were able to get our clients and staff (and dogs) to Cathedral Rock picnic area (beautiful place). We enjoyed a couple of hours of playing games before the rain came. We had bananas, pita chips and hummus, hot dogs, hamburgers, and fries. The rain didn’t give us enough time to get to the chicken breasts, but we had more than enough food 🙂

Friends and family came out to support the clients and have a good time.Mike even had time to catch up with our friend Vincent in between coordinating the games. The clients enjoyed the area, games, food (everyone likes Steve’s cooking 😛 ), and the friends/family that came. They had a great time overall and are already looking forward to the next event!!!

September was a very busy month of moving and appointments for our clients so scheduling an outing with a high turnout was impossible. This month was almost as difficult, but we managed to get staff and clients to the annual Halloween party hosted by Rawson-Neal Psychiatric Hospital on the 27th. There was food, music, and a lot of dancing. They did a great job with the party and our clients had fun seeing some of their friends and making new ones.

We wrapped up the 2016 year strong. December was a busy month with many appointments for the clients, Christmas parties, as well as completing plans for the company that will benefit our clients and the community for the coming year. We appreciate all of the support and the shared memories with our clients.

January 2017 has also been busy so we couldn’t schedule any events, but we are hoping to start up again for February. We will keep everyone posted on the company’s planned outings for our clients.

This was our February 2017 trip to Nelson’s landing with our staff and clients. It was a great turnout. First we walked around the ghost town and then we visited the antique gift shop. We spoke to the owners of the town to get some historical information. They are amazing people and were very willing to talk to us!!!! We then drove another 5 miles to the lake where we lit up the grill to cook hamburgers, hot dogs, and chicken. Everyone loved the food and scenery and our dogs really loved the water! 

Our March 2017 trip was at Aliente Nature Discovery Park. We rented a 15 passenger van and along with other staff vehicles took our clients and equipment to the park.  As usual we had plenty of food for everyone. Many of the clients sat on the grass enjoying the view and talking with others while the rest of the clients played football with Mike.  Caught up in the moment we forgot to take pictures so we are including a few that we found on the Internet (one is of our actual BBQ site and field) to give everyone an idea about how great this park is!

April through July was a difficult time to arrange a trip where the majority of the clients would be able to attend so unfortunately there weren’t any outings scheduled.

Mt. Charleston is definitely a favorite spot for our clients so we went up there again in Aug 2017.  We rented two 15 passenger vans as well as had staff vehicles to accommodate the almost 40 attendees. We grilled, walked around, played board games, and conducted skills training while having a great time. It drizzled a lit, but no one seemed to mind. And wouldn’t you know it that we AGAIN forgot to take pictures….price of having fun I guess!!!

September was a busy month with hiring new staff, introducing new services, and opening another two homes. We didn’t have much time to schedule a trip, but we are hoping October will be better…stay tuned!!!

October was also busy, but Thanksgiving went well for us. Most of our clients spent the holiday with their families. We took the clients that didn’t go anywhere to Calvary Chapel Las Vegas for some turkey and other services. The Chapel offered a Thanksgiving meal as well as donated clothing, hygiene items, haircuts, teeth cleaning, and other medical services free of charge. This is the 3rd year we have attended and the clients had a great time again!!! We also want to thank our staff for helping transport clients to the event!!!!

It is our pleasure to announce that Minds Matter LV along with one other provider were voted as 2017’s CBLA Provider of the year by the case managers at Southern Nevada Adult Mental Health Services (SNAMHS). This award was presented to us at the annual Residential Services Provider holiday luncheon this past Friday, 15 December 2017. We are continuing our efforts to provide even more to our clients and are very excited about what’s coming in the next year.


Things have been pretty hectic since our last post in December 2017. We wrapped up 2017 with a Christmas party BBQ at Craig Ranch park. We rented two 15 passenger vans along with other staff vehicles and had a great turnout of about 35 individuals where we had burgers and hot dogs as well as conducted a secret Santa for the clients (pictures will be posted on our website soon).

January through March we were involved with multiple agency inspections so we couldn’t plan a trip during that time. All went well and business continued as usual.

In April we took a trip to Mt Charleston for hiking, eating, and playing games. Rented three vans this time with another great turnout and everyone had a great time.

May and June were pretty hectic with appointments and new projects. Great things are coming!!!

For the 4th of July we got a BBQ going near one of the houses by Sam Boyd stadium. We set everything up by the fields across the stadium so the clients could watch the fire works. More to follow… 

August and September were pretty hectic for us, but October and November was more relaxed. We took some of our clients to Rawson-Neal Psychiatric Hospital for their annual Halloween party. As usual, they had a good time dressing up, eating, and dancing. It’s always fun to watch everyone interact with each other in such a relaxing environment!. Looking forward to next year.

For Thanksgiving we took our clients to Calvary Chapel Calvary Chapel Las Vegas for their Blessfest breakfast. The clients were able to get free haircuts, clothing, toiletries, and other services as well as talk to volunteers about various topics. This was our 3rd visit there and everyone enjoyed themselves.

This past quarter has been interesting. We had a solid end of 2018 and a great start to 2019. In the beginning of the year we were looking for office space that would be central to our clients. We found a great location and were in talks to close the deal. We finally came to a favorable arrangement. After reviewing and editing floor plans we signed the lease. Now we are waiting for the plans to be approved by the city so construction can get under way. It’s been three months since we started the process and we’re hoping to have the office open by end of July/beginning of August.

We mentioned earlier in the year about securing new office space for the company that was centrally located to our clients and that we were in the planning/construction phase. We’re pleased to announce that the construction met our needs and we received final approval (mid October) after a lengthy process. The new office is located at 4000 E Charleston Blvd, STE 108, Las Vegas, NV 89104. We have been working out of the new location since the approval and had a grand opening last week. The turnout was great and everyone ate well. All the visitors received a tour of the office allowing them to see where we conduct neurofeedback, therapy, IOP, and other group activities as well as take away various pieces of literature describing the services provided. We have included a few pictures of the spaces to get a better idea of what the office looks like.

We restarted our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) in December of 2019 so the year ended strong. During the IOP course our clients come in three times a week for at least three hours a day to work on relapse prevention and coping mechanisms as well as co-occurring mental health disorders.

The beginning of the year was great for us as well. IOP is going well, along with the rest of the services provided. Refreshments and food are provided during office hours in case our clients require anything. They like when we light up the grill at night!!!

We’ll keep everyone updated on future events…

We have other projects under way, but details of those will be in future posts. Looking forward to a great summer!!!

17 March 2020 Update to the current Coronavirus pandemic: The office is open for appointments only. We are limiting our in-office group therapies to a maximum of 10. We have always had telehealth in place so if an individual feels more comfortable conducting therapy from their home they can use their computer or phone for secured (HIPAA Compliant) video conferencing.

We hope everyone is taking the necessary precautions for keeping themselves and loved ones safe.

12 Nov 2020 update: Our office still continues to provide services on an appointments only basis, but we are excited to announce that November 5th was the start of another IOP session during this COVID-19 pandemic. The IOP group is three days (Thu/Fri evenings and Sat mornings) for three hours each day.

We understand the stress the pandemic and civil unrest has caused. It has taken a toll on our mental health. Many, during this time, can’t afford the cost of the mental health services that can help them cope with everything going on. That being said, we are happy to announce that we have made arrangements to include Pro Bono slots for the members of the community in all of our group therapies. We are limited as to how many people can be in a group, but as well fill one group we can start on another. While we use telehealth equipment to connect clients from their homes to ensure the safest practices, we still have clients come to the office. Please remember to practice all of the required safety measures (wearing protective equipment, social distancing, etc…) when physically visiting a facility.

We look forward to serving you as always. Thank you and stay safe!